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Systems Integration
System Integration (more >)  
  <xmlLegal>'s innovative system integration software solutions offer an easy and affordable way to connect disparate systems, applications, and data sources. <xmlLegal> tools make your integration process predictable, affordable, and repeatable. Our solutions allow you to execute an agile integration plan so you can rapidly respond to continuously changing data exchange needs, now and in the future.
Authoring and Search
Authoring and Search (more >)  
  <xmlLegal> offers unique solutions for your content authoring and search needs. <xmlLegal>'s authoring software allows you to generate, create, edit, and store all types of high-quality and consistent XML formats. Our viewing, indexing, and search capabilities provide exceptionally fast and precise access to your information. Our tools ensure that your information is well-organized and easy to manage.
Court and Justice
Court and Justice Automation (more >)  
  <xmlLegal>'s court and justice software solutions offer a high-quality and affordable way to automate the work of your enterprise. Our products include end-to-end electronic filing software, on-line payment of traffic citations, and service oriented architecture products tailored for court and justice data exchanges. We also have tools that automate integration into existing case management systems.